Square Peg ● Round Hole







If I have learned anything in this life of mine, it is to expect the unexpected.  Don’t make plans that are too rigid and to find gratitude and humor in any given situation.   I forgot to tell myself that as I experienced the water in our basement and the mud pit in our backyard this morning.   In a flash, I was irritable.  Annoyed at my plan for the day being squashed.  Annoyed that I simply don’t have time for this.      Pause……..and breath.

Shortly after, I regained my composure.    The basement has been cleaned up and every task I had hope to complete has been done.    It is in that moment I regain the clarity.   My “struggles” that easily push me into a frenzy are nothing compared to what others experience.   My basement had a touch of water while others were being evacuated from their homes because of rising water.  They literally escaped with the clothes on their backs. At the same time, firefighters were battling a five alarm fire while putting their lives on the line.  It is easy to think my struggle is earth shattering, but it is up to me to get grounded.    Find the gratitude.    Seek flexibility and know that plans change.  Similar to the flood waters, I need to learn how to flow.

Despite the insanity of waking up to chaos, I observed the ducks while driving to run errands.   While the water was elevated, they simply navigated.   They didn’t seem unnerved by the excess, in fact, they seemed quite content.    So easy does it when things aren’t going as planned.  My experience is there is something magical in going with the current instead of against it.