Square Peg ● Round Hole







Life still manages to surprise me.    Going about my daily routine, I often get lost in the details.  Not really focusing on what is happening around me.  It is a series of checking off things, residing on my list, that I have completed.  Yesterday, I started my day out poorly with a bad attitude.  By the end of the day, I had transformed my bleak outlook into something promising.  Then I received some news that brought the tedious details of life full circle.

A high school classmate of mine passed away suddenly leaving her family grieving.    While I wasn’t close to her, we had reconnected via Facebook and shared a common interest…..our boys who participated on the same high school football team.   She just watched her son graduate from high school and was enjoying her first grandchild.    Life was happy……and then suddenly, she was taken.     It certainly allows me to pause and reflect on how in the blink of an eye, life changes.

It it such a powerful reminder that I must be present to live.    No moment can be taken for granted and although that is tall order, I am going to try and be more mindful – one moment at a time.  Our sweet classmate will be thought of a lot this weekend as our class celebrates a monumental 30 year reunion.   Reaffirming that it doesn’t matter what you do in life, what people remember is how you made them feel.