Square Peg ● Round Hole







Nothing has given me more courage than to greet my challenges with open arms.    We all live within our own story.  The details are written moment to moment with the opportunity for a plot twist.    Sometimes those twists are the defining moments that either shut us down or break us open.   Breaking open allows me to feel and immerse myself in the situation, which leads me to the other side.   Difficult experiences are meant to transform me, not defeat me.

During those times of transition and change, I have learned to sit with myself with great contentment.  Knowing that this uncomfortable feeling will pass and that great lessons will be learned.   When I break open, it frees me from other people’s expectations.   The choice, of course, is up to you.    When I don’t focus on what others think of me, it makes me less vulnerable and more willing to dig deep for who I really am versus who someone else thinks I should be.

Sometimes, I think we focus too much on suffering and the outcomes of lessons we learn from those experiences.  What I am finding as I age, is that I learn just as much from the experience of joy.  Both present me with equal challenges that bring defining moments.    Breaking open is just another commitment into being the best version of me.