Square Peg ● Round Hole







Recently, I heard one of my favorite writer, Elizabeth Gilbert, talk about how fear is the most boring thing about a person.   I soaked that up for a while contemplating the essence and realized how very true that is.   It is so easy to be fearful.  I think we live in a world so overstimulated by technology, that fear becomes our centerpiece.

For me, raising children should make me fearful.  Hell, raising a kid with special needs should literally paralyze me with fear, but fear to me is just simply a part of my being that needs to be comforted.  Honestly, I think fear is generally a coping mechanism.  A way of protecting me from something unknown.   If we have a basic understanding of ourselves, then we realize that the only thing fear does is hold us back.

Fear and I have a love/hate relationship.  I appreciate its willingness to protect me, but I often hate the message that it sends.   Interestingly enough, fear and I are in a good place.   Part of my journey to self-discovery is to embrace that part of me that tremors at a new experience.   I don’t want to be fearless, necessarily, as I feel a small amount of fear serves an important purpose, but I don’t want to miss out on life experiences.

Life is messy, but by loving every part of myself it allows me to quiet the excess noise of fear and embark on a quest to finding my purpose.    Fear would never allow me to figure out my place in the world IF it was the only voice I was willing to hear.