Square Peg ● Round Hole







It’s my fault.   When I assume that things are going to go a certain way, then I set myself up for disappointment.  Today wasn’t any different.   When Brian wasn’t easily roused to get moving this morning, I was instantly annoyed.  Actually, if I am going to be honest, I was pissed.    Since, he wasn’t making any effort into getting out of bed, it fell on me to take Bailey up to the bus stop.     Instantly, I started playing the part of the victim.  Back of my hand firmly pressed to my forehead, I reacted with pure martyrdom.

Since being a martyr is exhausting, by 8 am, I was feeling tired……oh, and still pissed.    Brian finally rises from his throne and goes on with his day as if nothing has ever happened. (Yes, I am well aware of the sarcastic tone that is spilling onto the page.)   I am still wallowing in righteous indignation and full on bitchiness.   It took me two Advil and a solid breakfast to absolve myself of taking on “water”.    The water represents bad energy.   When I take on “water”  my boat or in this case, my outlook on the day, sinks.   It is up to me to plug the leak so I can peacefully proceed through the day.

When I start my day on a bad note, I know all is not lost.   I can easily start my day over at anytime.  Sometimes, I start my day over several times, because I am a fast forgetter .   Sometimes it takes me awhile to shed the bitchiness and cloak myself in peace and happiness.    The choice is mine.   Whatever attitude I choose will determine how the rest of my day goes.      Today, I am going to choose wisely and tread carefully.