Square Peg ● Round Hole







I will own the reality that I am opinionated.  There are instances where I want to vomit my opinion to everyone everywhere, but the truth is that no one really cares what I think.   We live in a society of one-sided opinions.  People aren’t really listening to what thoughts are being shared as they are preparing their own rebuttal.   Social Media hasn’t helped the issue either because individuals hide behind their computers spouting their deep seeded and sometimes unfounded “truths”.   After years of touting my opinions to everyone, I realized that there is something fantastic about not having any opinion on outside issues.

Yesterday, it got tricky as I was very passionate about a change in my son’s high school that the media outlets released.  In turn, it created some controversy and resulted in a lot of talk.    I mistakenly put on my personal page that I was in support of this new initiative and disappointed in how people were portraying it without all of the information.   People shared their support, but they also shared their opinions.    Instantly, I was annoyed.  I wasn’t asking for opinions, but by publishing my comment, I opened myself up for that.   See, it is a trap.  Opinions reel me in and torment me until I spill.  Minutes later, I deleted the post.   Those feelings of having to defend my stance came up.  I was angered at people and disappointed in allowing myself to lose that much energy on an item, that in the big picture, is small.

Everyone has their right to an opinion and people are full of them.   The beauty is I don’t have to know it nor do you have to know mine.  If I have learned anything, it is the comfort of being oblivious to other people’s perspectives on hot topics.  It is a peace keeper tactic that allows me the freedom of not getting caught up in unwritten drama.