Square Peg ● Round Hole







As we approach Mother’s Day weekend, it is a reminder to me, that humor is the ingredient to keep me sane.   Today, I had a list of things to get accomplished along with picking up the kids in the afternoon.   I was engrossed in my productivity and basking in my accomplishments when I realized it was time to pick up Bailey.   As I am waiting at the traffic light to get out of our neighborhood, I realized that I had forgotten something.  Bryce gets out earlier on Fridays.  I looked down alerted to the reality that I was ten minutes late picking him up.   These are the moments when I am grateful for the instant connection of cell phones.   He was not really phased.  Sweet in his forgiveness of my error, he lovingly razzed me once he got in the car.   Let’s just say he continued to playfully tease me most of the afternoon telling anyone who would listen about his plight.

Here is the pitfall of being of Mom.   We often fail.  As much as we would like to portray ourselves as superhuman, we are simply imperfect beings.   When I am in the wrong, I promptly admit it to my boys and then tell them I will make a donation to their therapy fund.   The truth is if almost forgetting him is the worst thing I do as a parent, then he will survive.

I don’t give much attention to Mother’s Day as my feeling is it is a glorified holiday geared toward boosting the economy.  Everyday is a reminder for me, that being a Mom is a challenge full of triumphs and defeats.   I do the very best I can, so on days like this where I almost forget one of my kids, I can laugh at myself.    When I take myself too seriously, that can lead  me down the path of blame and shame.    Honestly, if I can’t laugh my way through this mother gig, then I might as well check myself in to the nearest insane asylum.    Humor smooths those pitfalls quite nicely.