Square Peg ● Round Hole







I like the analogy of food.  Food is comforting and necessary.  It nourishes us. Often times, we turn to food to fill a void.  We are a product of our environment.   That’s not a bad thing, it just is what it is.   I find myself coming out from the many layers that blanket me to reveal who I really am.   It’s funny how we walk through life in a cloak of disguises to fit into any situation.    It isn’t until recently that I have unveiled a true sense of self.

There is a lot of power in embracing my authentic self.    Surrounded by others, we tend to fall prey to society defining who we are, but the reality is that only I can provide that definition.   When I disengaged from people recently  during my emotional cleanse, I felt a strange sense of peace.   It was as if this was the key to my identifying my true being.     I didn’t grief the lose of the relationships, instead I celebrated what I learned from those interactions.    It was because of those individuals that I am able to redefine myself.

Just like anyone, I want to be seen for me.   I want to embrace the part of me that has been silenced with fear of rejection.   I want to empower myself in order to empower others searching for their inner self.   No longer do I crave the acceptance of others, but instead eagerly accept me for me.