Square Peg ● Round Hole







Last night, while enjoying an outdoor venue in the thriving countryside, I was struck at how in my forty-seven years on this planet, my comeback has been epic.   Amidst the twinkling stars and the wonderful company, it was evident I am alive in my life.  You might reread that sentence and wonder what I am referring to, but in essence it means I am present.  I am fully awake.  No longer am I sitting in my setbacks, but rather accepting the now and soaking in it.

Along the way, I lost some momentum which I realized had a lot to do with the company I was keeping.  Instead of surrounding myself with dramatic individuals who are too busy worrying about what other people are saying and doing, I seek those who empower.  The people that spark something within me.  The people that stop, listen, and hear what I am saying even if they don’t agree with it.

I don’t want to be stuck in the almost life.  I want to be sunning myself in the light of a crazy, messy, fascinating, unexpected, full on LIFE!    We are all miracles in motions.   When we can shed the need of being a hostage of someone else’s opinion, then we are free to live the life that is intended.    I am no longer living my life in a whisper, but instead turning up the volume.  It is all about choices.  Today’s decisions are tomorrow’s reality.