Square Peg ● Round Hole







In the city that I reside, where you went to high school is more important than where you went to college.  It is an oddity to outsiders, but a vital question to those of us who are inquiring.   My high school reunion weekend has come to a close.   As previously stated in my blog published a couple of days ago, I reflected on how influential high school was for me and how it was a piece of the puzzle that formed me into the woman I am today.

We all have charted different paths, but the beauty is that we can come together and be lifted up by each other’s journeys.   There were rekindled friendships, budding friendships, and just the sort of camaraderie that one hopes to feel when they reunite with high school classmates.  I realize that it is quite possible that my experience was not the norm.   However, I can’t help but replay my interactions this weekend and be full of gratitude.

When my parents sent me to an all girls high school, I was oblivious to the gift I was being given.   As I connected with my classmates, I was touched by their authenticity, kindness, affirmations, and empowerment.   I was inspired by their tales of heartache laced with a touch of humor.    As I looked around the room, it was so easy to see the bond that we all share.   It was the perfect reminder that we are more alike than we are different.