Square Peg ● Round Hole







Maybe its the addition of social media or maybe it is simply that I am older, but high school reunions no longer terrify me.   I will say that high school is probably the most challenging social experiment that people are exposed to .  I enjoyed my experience going to an all girls Catholic high school.  With that being said, there were definitely some challenges.   High school girls can be brutal.   There is a lot of pressure on being and acting a certain way.  Let’s be honest, we can be a petty bunch.   With that being said, I have yet to miss a reunion.

Sure, it is easy to live in the past.  Haunted by uncomfortable experiences, it is natural to want to forget high school and the people in it, but for me, high school was just a small piece of the puzzle that made me who I am.   Going to an all girls high school afforded me the luxury of cherished friendships.   Many of these ladies have been a big part of my story – walking through celebrations along with supporting me through darker times.

Fast forward thirty years.    Simply put, these ladies are pretty spectacular.  Sure, we aren’t all close, but we are connected.   Social media has provided a platform to reacquaint ourselves with each other.   Our preconceived notions of one another quickly dissipate as we have matured and lived our own various stories.   We have experienced deaths, divorces, cancer, and disappointments along with a host of victories that make us the unique individuals we are today.   It is an affirmation that while distance, situations, or other unknown factors may separate us, we will always be connected by our high school experience.