Square Peg ● Round Hole







The title of this blog causes me to pause.  Simply because I think it is funny to imagine what is really going on behind the scenes.    Warm and loving can be the appearance, but one never knows if those images reflect the truth of the situation.   Take our family photographs, for example.    While we have goofy grins and appear lovey, the pictures don’t reveal the chronic complaining of one child, while the other keeps asking what we are having for dinner – over and over again.    My thoughts were “shut up” while my face was “feel the love we have for each other.”

Then we can always go to my wedding photos.    Young and so in love.  If you were to look at those images you would never know that Brian had just given me a fake ring as a joke.   Between every click of the camera, my face smiled “isn’t this fantastic” while my thoughts were “how can I kill him without getting caught.”

I know there are many times where a photograph replicates the feelings and expressions of the moment true to form.   However, I would like to imagine that there are hidden gems of stories waiting to be shared that make those images even more interesting.   While the family and the wedding photos have a history worth telling, I will say they bring a smile to my lips and provide me with a much needed laugh.    Life isn’t perfect.  Even the images that we project don’t always tell the true story.  I guess that’s why I reminisce about the backstory rather than the actual photograph because that is what connects me to that moment.  It isn’t the scenery or the clothes we were wearing that I remember, it is the feelings of love mixed with annoyance blended with a pinch of humor.    A true testament that pictures are worth a thousand word.