Square Peg ● Round Hole







Today is my 48th birthday which warrants me saying how grateful I am for another year under my belt.   It is the start of a new chapter.   It is true, this past year has been deemed the year of change.   I have consciously rid myself of several relationships that weren’t serving a purpose, I have stepped up my writing process, learned to be more mindful of the present moment, and were taught some lessons along the way.   None of the past year carried any regrets.

It pains me when people moan and groan over their impending birthday.  For me, the number only represents a new chapter in my life.   Simply put, it creates a blank canvas worthy of only inspired work.    Maybe my outlook is different because I enjoy the skin that I am in and I no longer warrant affirmation from others simply to feel good about me.     Basking in the light of my new sense of self, I am convinced that my shift is a result of all the changes that I made in the last year.   Ridding myself of things that no longer work expands an opening for all the exciting opportunities that await me.

I anticipate chapter 48 of my life to be full of surprises, challenges, and immeasurable happiness.  How can it not be when I am living my truth sprinkled with humor and genuine gratitude?