Square Peg ● Round Hole







Okay, so I am at a crossroads where, in my perception, I feel society overuses certain words, like love and hate.    To me, love is the expression that I want to save for those closet to me, or a fantastic overindulgent dessert.   I am uncomfortable with individuals that I barely know expressing how much they love me.   Um, they don’t really know me.  To know me is the love me or not, depending on your tastes in people.

The word hate exudes anger, in my opinion.  I have always told me boys that the “H” word is a strong expression and rallies a lot of negative emotion.   Semantically, I prefer using “dislike” because it doesn’t feel harsh.   We are a society of one extreme to another.   We either love everything or we hate it.   Simply put, our imbalance provides a platform for all of the turmoil we face today.     In the spirit of misunderstanding, a lot can be said about the ignorance running rampant in the world.    Being misinformed has warranted many the license to spew unkind comments or unleash violence which in turn, leads the rest of us to question the world around us.

All I am saying is that in every facet of life, there is balance.     I am trying to be more aware of the words I use and in what context.    Words are a powerful force. Once uttered, they can’t be taken back.   Be mindful when you speak, pause when you are agitated, and respect other’s opinions even if you don’t agree with it.