Square Peg ● Round Hole







I would love to say that I am the type of writer that studiously resides at a desk swimming in accessories to make my job easier.  That would be a big, fat lie.   Actually, it is a common practice for me to be cross legged on the sofa with my computer happily resting in my lap.  My back will tell you that it isn’t a position recommended, but my writing brain would applaud it.   It seems I flow better when I am not restricted at a desk.

Recently, I have been seeing a lot of trends where women are turning small sheds into beautiful havens resulting in the feminine form of the illustrious man cave.    Interestingly enough, the hubs built this amazing playhouse for the boys complete with replacement windows and electricity.  I stopped him when he wanted to add cable and heated floors.  Fast forward a few years when the boys outgrew it and I claimed it for my writing studio complete with a desk.    Now you see the problem.  I have tried to crank out pages for my book sitting at said desk only to feel trapped.  Maybe it brought me back to school when I felt I was confined to a room where a time table was put on me.   My sanctuary has been left alone yearning for some sort of presence.

After seeing all of these stunning shed makeovers, I was inspired to create a new version of my writing studio.   I ventured out this morning only to be greeted by cobwebs and a few dead bugs indicating my lapse in attendance.   With the quick use of my trusty vacuum, the dirt vanished.   Moving furniture around, I  felt comfortable relinquishing the bulky desk and staunch office chair for a cozy club chair that had formerly belonged to my parents.    Using leftover paint, I am going to erase the hot pink and teal walls (kid choice) and coat them with a more neutral hue.  In the end, I am hoping that my creative juices will be drawn to this relaxed version of a writing studio.  If not, I may just use it as a timeout escape with a wine bar.