Square Peg ● Round Hole







I believe in honesty.  I believe in order to have fulfilling relationships, truth must be your foundation.  Sometimes, I take things a little too far.    Sometimes, I confuse honesty with oversharing.   While I have made numerous changes in many of my relationships, I have noticed some that are close to me have shifted.

When I have reached something deep with a person, I tend to “open the gates”.  Sometimes the topics shared may make someone uncomfortable especially if they don’t identify.  For instance, I have tremendous financial fear.  Finances can be a tricky topic particularly to those who don’t get it.    I have to remember that not everyone is on my page.  My willingness to lay out my guts on the nearest table, may not be attractive to some. With that being said, a true friendships accepts you, warts and all.

With all the changes that I have consciously made in terms of relationships, I have to remember that it is normal for there to be ebbs and flows.  Sometimes for the better or sometimes it pinpoints the ending. Either way, for me, it is a learning process of when to open or close my mouth.   I have a lot of surface friends with whom I share the bare minimum, but those deep rooted friends are the ones I hope that I can spew out my truth to and they will in turn to do the same.    While these shifts are uncomfortable and the journey can be daunting, the end result will be treasured friends that don’t look at me like I have five heads when I share, but encourage me by simply listening. We want to be heard and validated.  That’s is all we really crave as spiritual beings…….a listening ear.