Square Peg ● Round Hole







There is a whole lot of value in the choices that I make.   As I approach my birthday, I am conscious of how each choice is a stepping stone to where I am today.   Now, honestly, many of the decisions made were less than stellar, however, they provided ample opportunity to learn some great lessons.   For me, my awakened life was sparked when I delivered my father’s eulogy.

Overcome with grief, I labored over writing the perfect eulogy.  After piles of paper not worthy of reading resided on the floor, I finally found the words that truly expressed my foundation for the part he had in my life.   When I approached the podium, my intense sadness leaked out of my eyes.  For a few moments, I didn’t know if I could read my words, but that is when I felt the light within me.  Something shifted at that moment and I was able to release my truth to an audience.   After my delivery, it was as though my heart reopened.  Reopened to the possibility of new opportunities and fearless love.

After my father passed, my choices were more aligned with my dreams.   Opportunities blossomed that I was urged to pursue.  Instead of trying to stay ahead of my grief, I embraced it.   To me, it was grace that pulled me through and helped transform my life.    I guess with that pivotal moment, my choices seemed clearer and more decisive.    Almost ten years later and I am truly living an awakened life.   It may sound corny, but this is the only way I can describe it.    The power of saying yes even when I am fearful created an open path.   No longer am I living a life trying to fill a sense of self.