Square Peg ● Round Hole







I take ownership that I tend to be opinionated.   In previous years,  I have would have shared my opinion with anyone……seriously….anyone.  It didn’t matter who it was, just as long as they were a warm, breathing body.  The funny thing about an opinion is it is wrapped up in distorted perceptions peppered with judgement.  If you didn’t agree with me, you would be voted off my island.  Our relationship would be over as I would feel justified in the action.  It truly is interesting how my idea of expressing myself has changed.

Here is what I have discovered.    I usually voice opinions when I am feeling misunderstood or perhaps, fearful.  It is a frequent occurrence in our society that the root of prejudice grows from an individual needing to be right and not hearing the truth.   The truth is that we need to actively listen to each other.    When we really hear another person’s thoughts, we might not agree with them, but we can better understand their platform.

Oddly enough, I have come to the conclusion that not having an opinion on outside issues, serves me well.   It frees me from the tangling web of a no-win situation.    It allows me to be respectful of others without compromising myself.    I am no longer the expert, while I have experience that I can share, I realize that what works for me may not work for them.    We are all trapped in our own way of thinking, but I have found a better way to utilize my voice.   Instead of smothering people with my opinion in an effort to be right, I choose to be happy.  I choose to share my experience, strength and hope that isn’t laced with judgement.  Today, my voice isn’t hushed, but modified to better serve others.