Square Peg ● Round Hole







It isn’t a secret that I am all about being real.   Seriously, I can’t be any thing other because it would be a betrayal of myself if I wasn’t.    That truthfulness within my being is coupled with the nagging and superficial residue of pleasing others.   My ability to say “no” without explanation or tiny white lies, leaves me vulnerable and questions whether I will still be liked or not, if I don’t comply.   Recently, I became aware of that even my soulful self has issues.

Then, like a flash, I realized that there are parts of my truth that I haven’t accepted.   It was a crystal clear light that provided me with an “ah-ha” moment.   I used to hide my love of animals to the point of not telling anyone how many cats I had for fear I would be labeled.  For the record, at one time I had five. Today, I have five animals – two dogs and three cats.  I would have a lot more, but, unfortunately, there are family members that enjoy their space too.    My truth is that there are many times I would pick animals over people.    The love I have for these four legged bundles of fur is deep and intense.   Some people get that about me, and others label me crazy.   I am who I am.

I was scared to say no to invitations for fear that I wouldn’t be liked or invited again.   For years, I would say yes to everything and really didn’t enjoy myself.  I don’t like staying out late. I don’t care if it is the best party of the year.   I proudly say “NO” with absolute vigor.    Yes, I put my pajamas on before the sun goes down.  If I go out, I long for the time I can be at home.   I love being with my friends as long as I can be in bed by 10.  Again, I am who I am.

So there you have my truth or some of it.  It would take an anthology to explain everything.  The bottom line is to be fully connected to me, I have to honor my own goodness.  The richness of life goes well beyond what possessions I own, how much money I make, or what next big purchase should be, instead it is about gratitude and finding pure joy.    My self revelations are constantly occurring which gives me great promise into what lies ahead.