Square Peg ● Round Hole







If I were a doctor, I would diagnose myself with “social media whiplash”.   The symptoms are pain in the eyes, neck and head region, confusion, irritability, and a concern that people don’t know how to spell properly let alone have a decent foundation for an argument.    Yes, we have a lot happening in our world.   Many advancements forward and some large steps back.    I am a staunch supporter of humanity as a whole.   Preferably not categorized by gender, sexual orientation, or color, I lean toward grouping everyone as a child of God.

We all have opinions and judgments.   I think what we are missing in the equation is the listening factor.  While we all have different perceptions, the one thing that humans crave is to be validated.   That is it!   Of course, that is only if you can express your opinion without adding hateful commentary along with it.   No one will hear you then.   Ignorance and fear are common ingredients to the recipe of hate.

We have ALL suffered some sort of prejudice or discrimination.   We are not victims.   As a mother of a child with special needs, I witness first hand a society fueled by misinformation, fear, or a simple lack of knowledge.  My job is to educate others.    I don’t rant and spew, instead I express and articulate my experience, strength, and hope in order to gain ground and hopefully, change the perception.   People don’t know what they don’t understand.

For those that periodically rant with no basis, I am sorry for you.  I am sorry that your world has a limited view and your heart is not open to all of God’s children.     I am sorry that you can’t accept people for who they are not what you think they represent.   I am sorry that you can’t hear what others are saying because you are so blinded by what you perceive as the truth.    Most of all, I am grateful that I am fully engaged in a very colorful world of unique individuals all created in God’s likeness.