Square Peg ● Round Hole







I fancy myself an animal admirer.  Their patience and unconditional love is a prime example of how I wish humans would interact.   With my two dogs and three cats, this house is full of love and activity…..also dog hair. So, why not add more love and utter chaos to the mix?

Last night, it was brought to my attention that a Basset hound was up for adoption.   Owner surrender, this eleven year old girl needed a home.    First of all, who gets rid of a dog that they have had eleven years?   The idea makes my blood boil.  The other fact is that she was kept outside her whole life.   I took the hubs and Bailey with me to take a peek.   My heart swelled when I saw her.   It was fate that brought us together.  Now, you can only imagine the look that I got from the hubs, but Bailey, well, he was in love too.  In order to act like I was even considering Brian’s opinion (trust me I did consider it for a second), I put her on hold.   From the time I left the shelter and all the way home, I cried.   My heart aches for this sweet, lovable fur baby whose only request was to be loved and included.

So, it appears, today, I will be going to bring her home.  While the hubs was taken with the cute puppies, I know that this senior girl won’t get adopted, as the older they are the more people disregard them.   People will have their opinions, I am sure, about the craziness of adding a third dog.  The beauty is I don’t care what anyone thinks.   If I had all the money in the world, I would take every unwanted animal and provide a sanctuary for them.  Honestly, none of my animals have ever disappointed me.  Can I say that about people?  Absolutely not.   This is why my heart is so pulled toward this sweet girl.    At the close of the day, I hope that I will be able to say, “Welcome Home, Presley”.   She deserves to live her last years in a beautiful haven full of love.