Square Peg ● Round Hole







A little waterlogged and weary from the chaotic weather we have been having, I paused to remember that when things are this crazy, it is important that I can find the gratitude.   For me, paralyzed with fear as I watched the rain accumulate, the street flooding and knowing that if we lose power, our sump pump will no longer work, I found myself nauseated at the thought.  There were plenty of “what if” scenarios running rampant in my head, but what I failed to focus on were the positives.

So, how can we find the good when things spiral out of our control?  Well, for me, I turn the focus on the tiniest things that I am grateful for, then I build on that concept.    While being powerless over the weather, I am not powerless on my connection with gratitude.  Seeing the blessings buried in the chaos can be a challenge, but if I am willing to dig deep, there is more good fortune to focus on than not.

Things are never as bad as I can perceive them.   My mind has the ability to blow a situation completely out of proportion.  When the dust settles, it becomes clearer that things could be much worse.  Also, remembering that it will pass.  There really is light at the end of the tunnel.  At times, that tunnel seems never-ending, but from experience, I know that whatever is going on will  soon be resolved.

I am safe. I am breathing.   I am enveloped by so much gratitude that there is no room for anything other than being grateful.   And as I prepare for another round of delightful water works later this afternoon, I turn it over to a power greater than myself.