Square Peg ● Round Hole







For years, I have dreamed about an excursion to Italy.   Immersing myself in the culture while treating my senses to flavors, sights, and smells that I would carry with me forever.    This October my dream will become a reality.  The hubs and I will journey with a group of travelers to explore this oasis of beauty.    I am instantly pinching myself because, honestly, I never thought this would ever happen to me.   To say I feel blessed is an understatement.

Now many of you world travelers may not relate to me.   I have never left the country.  To journey to a far away land was only a vision through movies and books.   Elaborating on why this is such a big deal would take an anthology to explain,  but in a nutshell, we made a lot of bad financial decisions.  With that being said, it took a lot of tenacity and patience to have come out the other side.   To pay for this trip in cash was like waiting for Bailey to take his first steps.  It was a slow process, but once accomplished it was as though I was soaking in a state of euphoria.

There comes some fear for me as I prepare for this trip, but I know that I will cherish the journey and be able to truly be grateful for the opportunity.   An adventure can overwhelm me, but the lesson that I take with me is that my exploration may be less significant to others, but it is a reward for a job well done.    It is proof that anything is possible even when I believed it was out of reach.