Square Peg ● Round Hole







We are a society that thrives on buying in bulk.    Everyone needs 500 paper plates, right?  So, while we buy our basics in bulk, I like to stock up on my emotional “tools”.  Having emotional tools in bulk relieves me from that panic that sets in when confronted with uncomfortable situations.   I have written a lot about my journey of detaching from certain relationships in my life.   While it has been a powerful, positive, and a major shift for me, there are times where these entities are present.   Unfortunately, when you are connected by various factors, you can’t always escape those very people with whom you have chosen to disengage.  This is why I am so grateful for the ability to have choices.

Choices give me the freedom of self care.   It allows me to be flexible, regard my feelings with great tenacity, and permits me to live in my truth.    I have no ill feelings towards these individuals, but I do know that by omitting them from my life, I have experienced a marvelous awakening.   Cleaning out, emotionally or even materially, opens up the doors for even better things to occur.   It would take an anthology to list all of the amazing events that have happened to me since I have emotionally purged.   The trick is being courageous enough to do something different.    I have stopped worrying about the repercussions.  I no longer look behind, but rather forward.   I will continue to live my life with a bulk-filled emotional tool box because you never know what situations will be presented to you.   My motto is to always come prepared.