Square Peg ● Round Hole







Life is ever-changing.   We can plan and plan meanwhile still be surprised at the unexpected.   This morning as I drove Bailey to camp, my low pressure symbol came on alerting me to a problem with one of my tires.   As I navigated the expressway, I thought it was just a slow leak.  As I drove further off the exit, I realized that I had a bigger problem.  Fortunately, I was able to get to a side street where I discovered what I already knew…..flat tire.   Years ago, I would have panicked.   A normally functional person, I would tend to lose any ability to make a rational decision because I was paralyzed with fear.     Today, I took a deep breath, reassuring Bailey that he would get to camp a little late, and made phone calls.  First to my husband asking him for help, who promptly dropped everything to come and change my tire.  Then to my dear friend who was willing to meet me at the dealership should it need to be repaired.  My plan of the day shifted, but in the end, the hubs repaired my tire even though it took two hours out of his day.

You see friends, life is full of the unexpected.  Things shift, situations happen, and all that fantastic planning is out the window.   Today’s event made me focus on what really matters.  Life changes at each moment and while we made it through this situation safely, it did not escape notice of how bad it could have been.   Oddly enough, Bailey claimed it as a “fun adventure” which contributes to my serene outlook as the situation unfolded.

It is also the realization that we don’t do life alone.   Everyone needs a little assistance along the way.   This is why I value the foundation of friendships that I have been privileged to build.   Life takes a village.   My village is thriving and always willing to lend a helping hand in whatever capacity needed.  My part is to be willing to ask for help……even when it is uncomfortable to do.