Square Peg ● Round Hole







Yesterday, I read somewhere that procrastination is merely a projection of fear.    Honestly, I had never thought of it in those terms, but it would explain my current position.    I have been writing two books for a while.   Fluctuating between writing constantly for days to barely acknowledging my efforts.   Most of the time I plead laziness as my defense, but there may be some truth in the fear factor.

As most of us navigate life, rejection seems to be one of those things that brings us the most discomfort.   Left to my own devices, not trying, allows me to keep a safe distance from being shunned.  Here is the great reality…….every brilliant and successful writer has been rejected, so why do I think I deserve anything different?  Now, truth be told, I haven’t submitted anything in years.   The fact that someone actual pays me to write on a weekly basis blows me a way, but the column that I write isn’t my destiny.

The timing will present itself.  I know that to be true.   Putting myself out there is a risk, but if I don’t, I won’t know the outcome if I don’t try.    What I am fully aware of is that each attempt is not defined by what society considers a failure.   Each attempt is merely building a staircase to success.