Square Peg ● Round Hole







Maybe I am crazy. (I know many of you that know me are laughing.)   I enjoy weekends with nothing on my schedule.  Taking the time to just chill and relax is an important component to my re-entry into the new week.  Seriously, this girl is giddy when there is nothing for me to do.   I am amazed, however, the amount of people who squeeze in every single thing they can in one weekend.   I kid you not, one of my Facebook friends, went to an all weekend concert, the movies afterwards, and in between activities, she had pictures of the various restaurants they visited.   After perusing the photos, I took a nap.  The whole process exhausted me.

I like the happy medium where there are activities sprinkled here and there.  I am not fond of the avalanche day where I am pelted with a variety of obligations.     My weekends resemble country living……slow and easy.  I guess the real fascination is the inability for many people to simple be still.  Is there discomfort in soaking in a pool of nothing?   I often wonder if those who immerse themselves in constant activity have a reason to not slow down.  Or, it is possible, that they don’t require much sleep and run on adrenaline?   Don’t get me wrong, I applaud such efforts, but for me, I space out my activities.  I want to savor those moments and truly be present for them.   Jam packing my day just doesn’t work for me.  There is so much to be said about being a homebody. Truly, no schedule aside from promising myself a nap and a good book.    Not exactly Facebook excitement, but I will take it any day.   Oh, wait, this writing made me tired.  Guess I will take a nap.