Square Peg ● Round Hole







So this declutter movement that I am currently involved in, has expanded beyond what I even imagined.  Gobs and gobs of crap that has literally reproduced while hidden away in the corners of my home.   I have discarded more items than I have kept and that goes for anything sentimental.   After my Dad died, I kept anything and everything that touched or was cherished by him.  It was as though if I kept them with me, he wasn’t really gone.   However, almost 10 years later, some of the items I forget that I even had.  While seeing them again, made me smile, I noticed that the urgency of keeping them had left.    A testimony that time does heal and the realization that his legacy remains with me even if his stuff does not.

My ridding myself of useless things has now become more of a rhythmic dance.    A flow of observing the item and then promptly throwing it in the trash, but being mindful of the importance of it at one time,  or at least trying to remember the importance.    It certainly is a process that not only frees me from the prison of stuff, but reminds me of how peaceful simplistic living is and how my intent is to keep it this way.

The liberation that I feel, the lightness of our home, and the ability to open closets and drawers without effort is truly remarkable.    What I didn’t realize is how this piece of purging would take my emotional cleanse to the next level.    I realize that many are thinking that it is just cleaning out stuff, but for me, it marks my progression into yet another peaceful transition within my journey.    It opens the door for all kinds of new opportunities that have been waiting for the space to be cleared.