Square Peg ● Round Hole







One of the first lessons that I learned while doing my spiritual and emotional cleanse is that I was not going to please everyone.   There would be repercussions.  Change is hard even with the best of intentions.   My spiritual journey is MINE, so when making those decisions, I have my own well-being in mind.

This week I have set many boundaries in regard to my decision of detaching from certain relationships.   Anything from telling individuals that I don’t want to hear any negative talk about what an individual has said about me, to abstaining from idle chatter regarding someone else’s decisions.   Look, I don’t need to explain myself to anyone.   The only thing that I am responsible is to be true to me.

It is interesting to me that after months and months of transitioning into a realm of peace, others continue to be uncomfortable.   It is been said to me, that I am to blame for some of their decisions.   Interesting.   At last glance, I wasn’t that powerful.   Let’s just say, all of this drama doesn’t involve me.

All of this simply confirms that I made the right decision for me.   The peace that I feel outshines the uncomfortable feelings of others.   It wasn’t a flip change nor was it easy, but in order to fully grow into my true self, it was definitely a change that needed to happen    My motto this week has been “not my circus, not my monkeys” as I have officially quite being the ringmaster of the insanity.