Square Peg ● Round Hole







Beyond my sanctuary of hairy family members, (please know that ALL members, two and four legged are included), I am riddled with triggers.  Those triggers can come in the form of people I know, events that are occurring, or simply the annoyance of the world at large.  I can’t speak for anyone else, but there is something so magnetic about the pull my triggers have on the serenity that exists in my life.

Fear, vulnerability, and overall emotional exhaustion creates a recipe for discontent.   A feeling that can swell within me and bubble over via reactions to people, places, and things.  Today, I know this about myself.  Part of it is the result of overextending myself and the other portion belongs to the realization that I can be pretty self-absorbed.  I enjoy when things go a certain way via mine.

Yes, reality states that a mature adult could contain this type of reactionary feeling, but there are some days where I see myself as a disgruntled toddler.   It is what it is and I know that those prickly emotions will soon lend themselves to more a more content and reasonable outlook.   After all, I am human.  I own the fact that I am perfectly imperfect.  So, when I am in an edgy mood, I can embrace it and move forward.    This current state of emotions don’t have to linger unless I allow it.