Square Peg ● Round Hole







For me GO, is an acronym for growth opportunity.   Honestly, it is a more positive spin on a rather uncomfortable process.  My growth opportunities appear when I least expect it or when I am not really interested.   Seriously, who really enjoys the opportunity to grow? It is tedious, hard work with a roller coaster of emotions. I am on the brink of a doozy.  As much as I dislike the GO journey, I am aware how much this propels me to getting closer to the person I am striving to be.

During the process, it is important for me to have an abundance of self-awareness.   Knowing that self-care is a far cry from being self-centered.  Checking in with myself and not ignoring the discomfort presented, allows me to be honest with myself.   For too many years, I shielded myself from the truth by placating my inner being with embellished rationale.   It proved to work for a while until I could no longer ignore the writing on the wall.

Stunted by my denial, those major growth opportunities sprung my unconscious inner being into action.  Once I realized how the end result allows my world to sparkle, I am more prone to embrace these golden nuggets…..not immediately, but gradually.    I know that in order to learn more about myself, it is important to acknowledge these chances with a resounding “YES” instead of a hesitant “maybe”.