Square Peg ● Round Hole







There has been a lot of transition going on in our home.    Bailey has embarked on his last year in the public school system, so there are a lot of unknowns regarding his future as an adult with Down syndrome.  Then, our oldest dog Hallee is moving toward her final days.    It has been an emotional journey sprinkled with glimmers of joy along the way.   I suppose my outlook is vastly different then it was five even ten years ago.   I no longer dwell on the impact of the change, but rather, dwell in the peace that there is a plan.   It will all work out.

Unknown variables can cause great anxiety if I allow it, but what I am finding is that the pieces to the puzzles are being presented all the time, I just need to pause and acknowledge them.   I am noticing that all possibilities are within my reach as long as I am willing to venture out of my comfort zone.

While both of these transitions are on the horizon, I remind myself that they are not happening today.  Life is full of change, transition, uncomfortable feelings, and most of all, powerlessness.     With all of those ingredients, I can choose how I will react.   Today, it is far easier to seek a more positive outcome then one with doom and gloom.