Square Peg ● Round Hole







We are all held in some sort of prison.   Confined to whatever others think, feel, dictate, or even subtlety spread, we can only escape if we change our own behavior.  It seems to be a theme with me, so I think I will go with it.   I am finding that I have no more patience for those who constantly manipulate through indecision, lack of information, or simply disregarding common courtesy.

Please don’t confuse my passionate paragraph with bitterness.   On the contrary, I am more aware than ever that those around me are not going to change.  It is up to me to be the change I wish to see in others.  It is up to me to no longer be held hostage by other people’s lack of awareness.   I was reminded yesterday to be careful not to confuse self care with selfishness.   Tangled and twisted, they resemble each other, but they are hardly alike.

It is a conscious thought process to promote my self care.   Only doing things that keep me safe and emotionally healthy illustrate my diligence for taking care of me.   Much of my self care is benefiting others as well, since situations can become tricky, if I am not fully engage in doing what is best for me.

No longer am I locked in prison due to someone else’s agenda.  I am free to make decisions that are in my best interest.   After all, if I don’t take an active role in taking care of me, who will?  Breaking free from the stipulations that others set has given me a new perspective and respect for living an authentic life.