Square Peg ● Round Hole







For the last couple of weeks, we have been providing palliative care for our fourteen year old black lab named Hallee.   It is an emotional roller coaster coupled with uncertainty.   The good days are slowly being outnumbered by bad days, so the question is hanging over us……when do you let go?    Her quality of life wavers.   I am a firm believer that the epitome of love is the ability to allow our furry family members the dignity of not suffering.

As I walk on this emotional path, I am greeted with such peace.   Hallee was a rescue.  At the time, I think we rescued each other.    We were coming off the loss of our beloved dog, Monty who at the tender age of eight was stricken with cancer.   While we don’t know much about her background, we are certain that she was discarded in a very inhuman way.   She welcomes all of our incoming four legged family members with a great deal of patience and a hint of authority.

So, as I ponder our next move, I am comforted by the notion that I will know when the time is right.    It is also with great amusement that I visual her greeting my father, who I am sure has been inundated with all of our animals who have passed.   When we meet again, my dad will probably give me a bill for his services of care or ask if I had opened a kennel.  Either way, the thought makes me smile.

It is a tough choice when we love these fur family members so deeply, but it is with great respect and honor that I will let Hallee go at the appropriate time.     So, as I consider the decision ahead, I will ask for guidance and be open to the answer……as difficult as that will be, we will do what is best for her.