Square Peg ● Round Hole







We have all been there.   Individuals who seem to build a fort around themselves.  It is a “come here, go away” dilemma. Well, I will tell you this forty-eight year old woman is too old for that play.   You see, you either want to have a relationship or you don’t.  For me, there is no middle ground.

Maybe it is fear or the fact that I am so fabulous, they have a hard time relating.  Okay, I am kidding, but with that being said, when do you just give up?   Extending one’s self is exhausting when there is so much effort to be exerted.  Honestly, if you have to work for it, then maybe that is a sign.

The joke with some of my closet friends is that I don’t like people.  Realistically, I am a people person, but the older I get, the more I realize that there are people I want to know and others, well, they can take a hike.   I don’t have the time or patience for slow progression.   Either like me or don’t, the choice is yours.   Life is too short for the “warm up period”.  That is the time frame where you take small steps toward a relationship.   First impressions for me seal the deal.   Immediate chemistry absolves any reservations.   It is possible that my stance is unique.  I own it.   It is who I am.   Thankfully, there is so much ease in my solid relationships, that these blips are not pivotal.

So where there is a wall, I avoid it.  I look for the ease not the struggle.  Surrounded by the solid substance of good friends, it is easy to disregard those who are reluctant.