Square Peg ● Round Hole







As if trying to get ready to leave the country isn’t taking up enough of my brain, we realized there was a plumbing issue with the downstairs bathroom.  Some may refer to it as the “crock”, but my hubby fondly calls it the “poop grinder”.  Anyway, it died which means that lovely, aromatic waste can start seeping up through the shower.  Such a beautiful visual, indeed.   So, while Brian is handy, he emphatically stated he would not be fixing it.  Ready to call a plumber, and not happy by any means to do so, I resigned to the fact that he was firm in his stance.  Then he flipped a switch.   Not sure what sparked this change of heart, but I was grateful.    This process was nasty, difficult and frustrating……for him, not me.  I was upstairs delighting in my Sunday afternoon….until I heard some words not appropriate for this blog, something was thrown, and then I saw the victim.

Our garage door, who by the way, had no part in the pump dying was left lopsided and half-way open.  Yes, he was frustrated with the installation of the new “poop grinder” and proceeded to open the garage with Superman gusto.    So, while the “poop grinder” was eventually and successfully replaced, our garage looks like the leaning tower of Pisa.   The money saved from the plumber will now be distributed to the garage door repairman who is coming this week.

Here are two things I learned.  One, Brian can have super-human strength.  Two, Brian can’t fix garage doors. The gratitude is the our plumbing situation is fixed .   While yesterday, I didn’t find the garage incident amusing, I have moved past the initial annoyance to reluctant acceptance.  Lesson learned when you pit a man versus a garage door, the door will always be the winner.