Square Peg ● Round Hole







Okay, so my attitude hasn’t been warm and fuzzy.  It has been a constant roller coaster that I would love to blame on others, but the reality is, it is all moi.   Trapped in my tangled web that I refer to as my head aka “the bad neighborhood”, I have easily caught the “poor me” syndrome.  Honestly, I am disgusted by it, so I can imagine how others are feeling.

This morning, annoyed by my own presence, I opted to work out, which to those who truly know me,  is front page news.    My outlook was bleak as I walked on the treadmill with my selected songs blasting.  I thought I would inspire myself by playing my current favorite tune, “Fight Song”.   I played it over and over and over again to reaffirm, as the song states, that I have a lot of fight left in me.    Okay, that boasted my moral a little bit.  Once off the treadmill, I decided to do some arm exercises with weights which turned out to be a dance fest to PINK.  PINK can usually make me smile along with the thought of my boy’s faces if they every saw me .  (OH THE HORROR!)  After a solid 30 minute workout, I felt a little lighter.

For me, I know that this feeling of “the world is against me” will pass.   I know that in order to have a better day, I need to celebrate all the good going on, instead of focusing on what isn’t so great.   Rallying my more positive thoughts instead of swimming in the negative will help me embrace where I am in order to move forward.   I have the tools, but sometimes I forgot to open my valuable toolbox.