Square Peg ● Round Hole







So while this week has been inundated with emotion, I have been able to be a cautious observer.  An innocent spectator witnessing the outpouring of opinions about everything.   While I love many of the aspects of social media, the part that escapes me is the freedom that people feel that they have to be hateful.   Let me be clear, my belief is ALL lives matter.    My belief is that God creates ALL of us in His likeness, so whether you are black, white, gay, straight, we are all important in the eyes of our Higher Power.

It is fascinating to me when people hide behind a computer and spout their toxic hatred.  Yes, I will always agree to disagree.  I refuse to get caught up in the toxicity of another person’s distorted perception.   My firm belief is I have no opinion on outside issues, and my social media accounts reflect that.   That may make me incredibly boring and, honestly, I am very much okay with that.

When is being cruel on social media okay?   Are we not trying to be examples for our kids?   A common phrase that is repeated often in our home, is “take what you like, and leave the rest”.   I believe that is a perfect mantra for using social media.

The bottom line is while we all have the right to freedom of speech, let’s remember that we are human beings.    As human beings, it is only natural to form opinions, but do we really have all of the information?   My reality is that I don’t really know what spawns someone’s strong adversity to a situation.  All I know is that I don’t really need to jump into the circus because I don’t have an elephant in the ring.   Maybe, I don’t have the answer on any solution, but I do know that I refuse to be part of the problem.   I want to live in a society where love, respect, and tolerance is the solution.   Hopefully, I will live to see that evolve, until then, I will be a silent observer.