Square Peg ● Round Hole







Dear Human Race,

Let me say one thing before moving forward with this letter…..no one’s rights are more or less important than someone else’s rights.   Here is my primary focus…..my son with Down Syndrome.  Let me introduce you to another population of individuals who STILL aren’t getting what they are entitled to.  Did you know that many of these delightful human beings were institutionalized because society was at a loss on how to deal with them?  Do you know the struggle that parents, even today, have to endure because society as a whole, is still clueless?

Bailey has the right to an education, but what you may not know is that if you don’t stay on top of his IEP (Individual Education Plan), chances are high that the teacher is not following this legal binding document.  I can count on two fingers,  teachers who actually followed the plan.   Did you know that I have to “prove” he has Down syndrome to the government and other agencies whenever we are up for renewal for any sort of benefits?   Were you aware that there is a lack of housing for this growing population?

You see, we all have our struggles.    I am fueled by the strength of seeing all of our hard work starting to evolve into a promising future.   We have fought for his right to have a quality education, his right to serve God in our church, his right to have a benefits and a job that is fulfilling.   The rights that ALL humans deserve.

For each victory there is always another hurdle to conquer.   It is exhausting and tedious, but the end result is a happy life full of endless possibilities.  So when you decide to get on your high horse to complain, yet again,  about oppression and how the world is unfair to you, simply remember the one thing…. our common thread is being apart of the human race – one group of varied individuals who, when working together can overcome the impossible, but when working against each other, create more problems to overcome.


Another Human Being