Square Peg ● Round Hole







Okay, so maybe yesterday wasn’t really an example of putting my best self forward.   My allowance of patience and tolerance had worn thin providing me with a platform for self-destructive behavior.   Oh, guess what?   I was being delightfully human.   Well, not sure that those around me would describe me as delightful, but I am embracing my sparkling imperfections.

What I have come to realize is that when swept up by my emotional residue aka dog dying, unexpected disappointments, and life in general, sometimes, I just need a time-out.    Interestingly enough, my time-outs aren’t always greeted with love and compassion by those around me.   Today, for instance, I was questioned as to my availability of  being of service simply because I  have not answered their phone calls.  Really?!?!   (Big dramatic exhale)   Of course, I must realize that I am a tad prickly right now and because today is a new day, I didn’t feel the need to respond to the text or find the emoji that resembles the middle finger.  Progress is being made on my attitude…..slowly.

It isn’t easy being human.   Some individuals are never going to “get” me and, trust me, I am grateful they don’t.  For those of you that love me in spite of my less than stellar attitude at times, I adore you.  I live in the reality that life can be full of rainbows, but sometimes you have to wait out the tornado to experience it.  In the spirit of my impending adventure to Italy, I will be taking a pausa (time out).   I will check back into the human race when I can speak to other humans without wanting to hurt them.