Square Peg ● Round Hole







Sometimes I have written so many blogs, that I fear that I am repeating myself.   In the attempt to skirt around it, I am adding the “part deux” since I honestly can’t remember if my faithful followers have heard this.  In any case, it needs to be chatted about once again.

QTIP is not just about that small thing that you stick in your ear, but it actually have a more valuable meaning…..QUIT TAKING IT PERSONAL.    Yes, I capitalized it because many need the dramatic effect that bold, capital letters provide.  You see, not everything is about you.  I know, shocking right?  As I have been convinced that the world revolves around me at one point or another.

Let me start by saying that just because my job is a writer has the luxury of working from home, doesn’t mean I can chat, text, email, chat some more or schedule myself for the world’s every whim.  I know, my job seems glamorous and flexible.   The glamorous part only fits if you think sweat pants and Basset drool are classy.  Flexible is true, to a degree, but while I am at home writing, scheduling more subjects for my column along with running the household, please don’t take it personal when I don’t answer the phone, respond to your text, or simply can’t get around to calling you back.

In the last few weeks, I have had, and this is serious, individuals who confront me asking what they have done to offend me.  My favorite is “are you mad at me?”, which makes me mad at that moment because I haven’t heard that since high school.  The last I checked we all are hustling with crazy schedules and time that no longer belongs to us.  Do I need to do a better job of returning calls?  Of course.

So, in advance……thank you for taking the time to call me.  If I don’t answer, forget to call you back,  or simply text you a small message telling you I can’t speak right now, it is seriously not about you.    You might not want to stick one in your ear, but this acronym of QTIP could save your sanity.