Square Peg ● Round Hole







As humans, we are all flawed.   Comparing our imperfect stature to a wedge of Swiss cheese is appropriate as we are all full of holes.    Perfection isn’t reality.  We are all going to make blunders.   My job is to be able to forgive others mistakes and more importantly, forgive myself when my holes appear.  Wow, that sounds incredible easy, but why is it so hard?

Sometimes it presents itself in a uncomplicated package.   When I know that the intention of the other person was never to hurt me, I can forgive.  When I accept that the other person is doing the best they can, I can forgive.  Then there are other moments.  Those times when the distrust is so evident and the foundation of the relationship is too weak to rebuild, then forgiveness is more difficult.   This humanness certainly is complicated.  It is a web of intricate and delicate strands.    The first step is taking myself out of the victim role and placing myself in the role of a human being.    When playing victim, I can be hurt and offended by every little thing that is said to me even if it isn’t said with ill intent.    It comes naturally as I grew up under the umbrella of martyrdom.

Life is messy.    I strive to do the best I can and be willing to honestly own my flaws.   Accountability is key as you can’t move forward, grow, and learn, if you keep rationalizing and justifying your actions.