Square Peg ● Round Hole







I think many of my choices have a sense of symbolism attached to them.   For me, looking at the decisions that I have made as good or bad limits my journey.   You see, every choice has led me to this moment.  Right or wrong, good or bad, it still provided a learning opportunity.   Life incorporates a learning curve, for which I am so grateful to experience.

When I remove myself from a toxic situation or relationship, I change the viewing vantage point.  When I am an active participant, I can’t see the event as a spectator.   Being a diligent observer, not only allows me the dignity of disengaging, but alleviates the constant chaos that seeps into my being.   In order to center myself, it is vital that the position I retain be one of distance.

Interestingly enough, my journey of disengaging doesn’t host any sort of separation anxiety, in fact, I have experienced quite the opposite.   Distance is always an advantage for me.   Limitless in possibilities, the courage for me to change requires nothing more than willingness.   When in doubt,  I think about how far I have come.  I remember how difficult life was before I became aware of the power I have to change my own destiny.