Square Peg ● Round Hole







Maybe it is the smell of fifty approaching or that my kids are growing older and more independent, but I am realizing that life is pointing its finger at me.    Keep in mind about a week or so ago, I felt life was giving me the finger, but now I am realizing that it was merely indicating that my turn is now.   Things are evolving and manifesting at a rapid pace.    Opportunities are being presented, exciting things are on the horizon, and I am actually anticipating the future instead of fearing it.

The many roles that I take on have given me little room for the major player in my life which is myself.    A potpourri of tasks, I find that I tend to put my wants and needs on the back burner.  What is evolving are these tiny speckles of shimmering space that allow me to explore.    My endless excuses for not pausing enough to truly invest in my own dreams has ended.    It is amazing how God just gently shoves me out of the way in order to have me see the bigger and more clear picture of my life.

So my perception has shifted and those gray, murky clouds have cleared, allowing me the freedom to truly expand my vision of how I want my life to look.   I have heard people wish they could go backwards to reengage with their younger selves, but I can say in true sincerity, I wouldn’t trade where I am in life for anything.