Square Peg ● Round Hole







There are several of my friends getting ready to have a “big” birthday.  I put quotations around big because I personally believe all birthdays are big as it is a solid indicator of me still breathing.    However, I will not discredit the amount of anxiety or apprehension one has when those larger numbers start appearing.  Let’s put everything in perspective.    As a society, we are obsessed over age.   In fact, we do everything to cover the reality of growing older.   Then there is the compulsion to analyze our lives.  Feeling as if we haven’t accomplished anything, we berate ourselves.    Let’s be honest, when I look back on my life, I can’t believe some of the things that I have done, are in the process of doing, and looking forward to accomplishing.  If you are looking at life as a waste of time, you might not be looking at the big picture or it is possible you need glasses.  Everything you have done in your life has led you to this moment.  To me, that is an astounding thought.

Living life with a basket full of regrets is no way to really thrive.   As I watch my mother age, she constantly reminds me of all the things she never did.   Part of it is fear and the other part is that she didn’t go after it.   The lesson for me is making things happen.   The timing is never going to be right.   Opportunity presents itself, so you either grab it and hold on or you simply watch it pass by.     The choice is yours.