Square Peg ● Round Hole







To say that I have missed writing my blog would be an understatement, but the last eleven days spent exploring another country has been priceless.   I had a lot of fear prior to leaving for Italy.   A novice at traveling abroad, I was drowning in the unknown.  The moment we landed in Venice, my fear was washed away and all I could be was in the present moment.

It wasn’t just the culture that enamored me, but the establishment of new relationships within the group we were journeying with, and the unveiling of potential with those I already knew.   During our time in Venice, Florence, Assisi and Rome, I diligently wrote in my journal, while focusing on my expanding faith, as we visited numerous churches and historic landmarks.   Truly in the now, all of my senses were heightened.   I experienced being one among sixty thousands people gathered together for one spiritual purpose – the opportunity of being in the presence of our Holy Father, Pope Francis.   I felt an overwhelming sense of emotion as I walked in the footsteps of St. Francis.  My taste buds danced with the culinary flavors and my eyes were in awe over the beauty that each church displayed.   I watched my husband’s faith in Catholicism expand and I felt affirmed in my own spiritual quest.    I wasn’t just a vacation, it was a life changing event.

When the end drew near, I was ready to return home.    Being away brought me a deep appreciation for the life I have created.    While there have been challenges, I feel like what I thought were messes were really messages that I have learned from and have given me hope.    My shift in perspective has elevated my spiritual consciousness with my Higher Power.  To some it was an extraordinary get away or simply another place to visit, but for me it was a celebration of how embracing obstacles allowed me to come out the other side even stronger.