Square Peg ● Round Hole







Everywhere I turn, there seems to be someone entering a battle of some kind.  There are those fighting mental illness, cancer, addiction, and the list continues.  Some fight in silence.  Others rally the troops in hopes that gaining support will alleviate the pain.   We all have our battles.  Some of the scars are visible while some are hidden deep within our soul.

I appreciate those who share their experience as it gives a voice to the pain.   The battles  don’t define us, but rather add another dimension to our being that makes us unique.   While the battles we fight aren’t pleasant nor would we wish anyone else to endure the trauma, there is a sense of victory as we walk the road of the unknown.    It isn’t always graceful.  Most of the time it is messy.  Messy with barrage of emotional upheaval that can leave us depleted and vowing to give up.    However, we don’t.

When we are in the middle of battle, we must remember a few things.  Don’t lose yourself.  Find a way to grab on to the tiniest blessing.   Be grateful for the opportunity.  So, you might not be there yet, but I can honestly say that the battles I engaged in were the foundation that made me who I am today.   I am a better version of me.   Wallow…..yes, I said wallow.  Have a pity party because you deserve to, but don’t allow it to last too long. Pitying yourself is an outlet, just don’t drown in it.   Lastly, accept help.   Be willing to be vulnerable.   Allow people to join your troops of supporters.  There is nothing better than having a community of warriors at your disposal.

Life can be a struggle, but you are facing it, owning it, and enduring it.    You will win the battle simply by accepting the challenge.