Square Peg ● Round Hole







Last minute packing and the wheels turning in my head make for an interesting last few hours on American soil. I am continually asked if I am excited and the answer would be no, at least not yet.  Now, I will be, but not until I actually land in Venice.   That is simply my process.   The hubs, on the other hand, is giddy and frankly, annoying.   We are completely different in our traveling mindset.

My journey has led me to this moment.   Please, know that I am not being melodramatic, just observing where my life’s path has taken me.    Never did I imagine such an amazing opportunity to explore another country let alone Italy.    I have had my issues with being Catholic, but to be able to absorb the essence of my faith and come close to our Holy Father makes this unforgettable.  It is a continuing unfolding of my inner spiritual being.

Today, just like everyday, I have started out with a sense of gratitude.   Grateful that I can put all of my worries aside and immerse myself in the present moment.    I am armed with notebooks to journal, camera to record the breathtaking scenery, and a heart open to endless experiences.     Exhaling as I step out of my comfort zone into a new adventure.    Arrivederci!