Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have been asked to be a speaker for an upcoming event.   The premise is to share my story on my experience of raising a special needs child.   Interestingly enough, it is harder to put in words than originally anticipated.   There are some many components and experiences that I will need to sort through in order to comprise the ideal summary.

Part of my experience with Bailey was that we were growing together.  It wasn’t me teaching him, but it was a mutual learning curve where we both showed up as willing students.    Apparently, there is no user guide, so I followed my instincts, pioneered my own path, and ventured into the abyss of a world that caters to the typical child.

While I ponder the elements of what I will share with the audience, I must include all of the people that appeared along the way who taught me what I want and don’t want for this amazing young man.   There were tool testers in the educational community who couldn’t see the potential, and then there were those who exceeded my expectations by seeing how successful Bailey could be by seeking solutions outside of the box.

It is a trip down memory lane that will  stir the emotions of the audience while helping them see the gift of parenting a developmentally delayed individual.   Hopefully, they will gain perspective about the needs that these special group of people still require to be successful members of the community.    My goal is to convey that the best version of me came from the amazing version of him.