Square Peg ● Round Hole







Alas, the treacherous election is behind us and we are left with the debris of sorted words that people are randomly dishing out on social media.    The political process is a slippery slope and getting more so every time.  Maybe it is the power of social media to hide behind a screen while you call your “friends” ignorant.    Quite possibly, we have lost ourselves in a toxic wasteland of pointing the finger at each other instead of coming together as a community.

Last night, as I watched Facebook light up with harmful semantics which I realized stems from fear – fear of the unknown.    Honestly, I try to inform myself the best I can about the candidates and wonder how much truth is really put out there on either side.     Part of the system is recognizing that each voter can select whomever they choose as that is the voting process.   Socially bullying your fellow neighbor on Facebook is really beneath all people, but if that is the example you want to set for your children, your employer, your political party, then go for it.

If you will notice I have never stated who I voted for in this election.  You see, it is really no one’s business, but to be on the level playing field, I voted for the candidate that didn’t win.    I don’t find that those who voted opposite of me “ignorant”.   I find those who voted, honorable and grateful they showed up to exercise their right to choose.    We are all made up of opinions and an election means that someone is going to win and the other person is going to lose.  That simple.

So, let’s go back to arguing about how early Christmas decorations should be in the stores or showing cute puppy videos, but let’s stop bashing each other for exercising our right to choose.